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Medgar Evers College
Course Prefix: SSC                                     Course Number: 101                                    
Course Title: Culture, Society, and Social Change
Subject: Social Science
Minimum Credits: 3.0                                     Maximum Credits: 3.0                                     Hours per week: 3.0


This interdisciplinary course is designed to give a broad overview of the subject matter covered by the Social Sciences and to introduce students to basic concepts, approaches, and principles governing Social Sciences. The underlying theme of the course is culture, society and social change. Attention is given to the historical development, continuity and changes in social institutions, culture and society. Among the topics discussed in this course will be the contributions of women to the development of social sciences and gender issues as they pertain to social inequality in the United States.

Prerequisite: Completion of all language basic skills.
General Education:
  • Meets General Education Category
    • Individual, Groups and Institutions

  • for Degrees in:
    • All Assoc (All Associate Degrees)
    • All Bach (All Undergraduate Degrees)

  • 3 class hours.

Start Date:    08/31/2001                         End Date: