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Medgar Evers College
Course Prefix: REL                                     Course Number: 101                                    
Course Title: Introduction to the Study of Religion
Subject: Religion
Minimum Credits: 3.0                                     Maximum Credits: 3.0                                     Hours per week: 3.0


Introduction to the Study of Religion (ISR) is the foundational course for all religion majors in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies. Therefore this course is an introduction to several of the major thinkers and themes within the history of the academic study of religion. Students will acquire a working vocabulary of key terms that are required for study of religion. Alongside of developing the necessary vocabulary of the field, students will also be challenged to expand upon what they currently understand to be "religion". Finally, students will also be expected here to develop the ability to utilize appropriate theoretical tools in the study of religion to interpret "real world" encounters with religious phenomena.

Start Date:    03/18/2009                         End Date: