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Medgar Evers College
Course Prefix: PA                                     Course Number: 350                                    
Course Title: Theories of Urban Administration
Subject: Public Administration
Minimum Credits: 3.0                                     Maximum Credits: 3.0                                     Hours per week: 3.0


This course is designed to examine the differing theories and practices as to how urban governance, administration, and politics operate. Students will study the critical issues concerning Urban America and the approaches that decision makers and leaders have taken. A great deal of attention will be given to urban social and economic problems such as urban sprawl, racism, poverty, crime, and national urban policy and the resources used in tackling these issues. We will examine decision making over different time periods, in its current state, and where it might go. We will also examine the current state of revitalization and the enhancement of urban living.

Prerequisite: PA 300 or permission of chairperson.
  • 3 class hours. The public administrator is studied as an agent of change.

Start Date:    09/27/2006                         End Date: