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Medgar Evers College
Course Prefix: EDUC                                     Course Number: 102                                    
Course Title: Introduction to the World of the Learner
Subject: Education
Minimum Credits: 2.0                                     Maximum Credits: 2.0                                     Hours per week: 3.0


This introductory course explores the many institutions that make an impact on the child?s total development. Prospective teachers will examine how social institutions such as the home, school, church, community, media, and technology affect the child?s learning. The concept of the self and other personality characteristics that affect the interaction between children and adults will be examined. These courses take an inclusive approach to educating students with special abilities. Diversity will be explored through pluralistic lenses affording students the opportunity to make cross-cultural connections. Technology will be examined as a tool to better inform students? future teaching and learning in urban settings. Classroom management strategies will be explored. Supervised field experiences are a major component of this course.

Prerequisite: Students must have 24-30 credits in the Liberal Arts Core courses prior to registering for this course. Exemptions considered with permission of the Chair.
Corequisite: EDUC 501
  • 3 class hours.

Start Date:    04/30/2013                         End Date: