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John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Course Prefix: PAD                                     Course Number: 402                                    
Course Title: Seminar and Internship in Public Administration
Subject: Public Administration
Minimum Credits: 6.0                                     Maximum Credits: 6.0                                     Hours per week: 6.0


The Public Administration Internship and Seminar exposes students to the daily routines, processes, procedures, and expectations and work life in the public sector. Students meet once a week in seminar. The seminar seeks to integrate public administration concepts and theories learned in the classroom with practical experience. The seminar meets once a month at the CUNY Graduate Center with students who are in similar programs at other senior colleges of the university. Students are required to intern a minimum of 12 to 16 hours per week at a government agency or nonprofit organization. Placement is arranged by the instructor in consultation with the individual student.

Prerequisite: ENG 102 or 201, senior standing and permission of the section instructor.
  • This course is crosslisted as:   GOV 406 , POL 406
Start Date:    04/30/2010                         End Date: