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John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Course Prefix: CHE                                     Course Number: 101                                    
Course Title: General Chemistry Ia
Subject: Chemistry
Minimum Credits: 2.0                                     Maximum Credits: 2.0                                     Hours per week: 4.5


This course is intended for students who are majoring in, or intend to major in, Forensic Science, Cell and Molecular Biology, Toxicology or Fire Science; or minoring in Chemistry or Biology. Che101 provides students with a better understanding of the chemical world around us and is a prerequisite for more advanced chemistry courses. CHE 101 is the first semester of the two-semester CHE 101?102 sequence, which is equivalent in content to CHE 103. Topics include: a review of basic mathematical tools used in chemistry, the structure of the atom, stoichiometric calculations, aqueous solutions, gases, and an introduction to the periodic table of elements. The entire 101?102 series must be successfully completed in order to receive credit as a general education science equivalent. Students who do not meet the requirements for immediate declaration of a science major upon admission must first take Che100 to develop the skills necessary to succeed in this course. Note: Placement exam may be taken at the Math and Science Resource Center. Note: Students desiring to minor in Chemistry to contact the Minor Coordinator.

Prerequisite: ? Chemistry placement exam and student is majoring in FOS, TOX, CMB; OR ? Prerequisite: CHE100 AND prerequisite: MAT105, 141, 241 OR higher
  • 4.5 (3 hr lecure; 1.5 hr recitation)

Start Date:    06/29/2015                         End Date: