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Lehman College
Course Prefix: SPA                                     Course Number: 101                                    
Course Title: Elementary Spanish I
Subject: Spanish
Minimum Credits: 4.0                                     Maximum Credits: 4.0                                     Hours per week: 4.0


Elements of grammar, reading of simple texts, and practice in speaking. Audiolingual work in the Language Laboratory.

Restrictions: SPA 101 is not credited without SPA 102.
General Education:
  • Meets General Education Category
    • Foreign Language

  • for Degrees in:
    • All Bach (All Undergraduate Degrees)

  • GenEd starting date was 08/31/2001 and ending date was 04/15/2004,

  • For students with no prior knowledge or Spanish.

Start Date:    08/31/2001                         End Date: